Some refined movement was added to the particular glow

  • After the models are complete, these are passed on to the Visual Effects crew to further enhance the look. Shield sets often gets several glow or other substance effects added (edge spark, extra metal shininess therefore on) Some microtransactions (like the Ultimate Chaos Weapon effect) and some skill effects are usually purely made by the VFX team and require simply no 3D model.

    In this case, our goal is to keep the effects on the shield quite simple as the set was created to accompany many other microtransactions from your mystery box. The aim was going to make sure the set has been complemented by the other microtransactions without becoming overly soaked by them.

    For this shield deep red spiral sparkle was added, and the shield was darkened overall to boost the contrast. Some refined movement was added to buy poe Chaos Orb the particular glow to make things better.